Strings Fun & Easy Violin: Book 1

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Strings Fun & Easy Violin: Book 1

Book 1 is an easy and inviting course for the new beginner, with guidance for the Parent Helper.

Topics covered:

  • Notes on the A string plus E
  • Distinguishing between C and C#
  • Note values: quarters, halves, dotted halves, wholes
  • Retakes
  • Repeats and D.C. al Fine
  • Notes on the D string
  • D major scale
  • Staccato
  • Eighth notes and sixteenth notes

Includes CD. All books include play-along CD with motivating, eclectic accompaniments. Recordings feature David Tasgal, Brian Bender, and Bob Rosser.

1 review for Strings Fun & Easy Violin: Book 1

  1. Cory Rayl

    My daughter loves this book, playing along with the cd is her favorite. Her teacher had us ordered this book and now we’re going to order the second book. Her teacher just raves about these books.

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