The new Fun and Easy books are FANTASTIC. David Tasgal deserves the Nobel Prize for writing them.

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Strings Fun & Easy, all 4 book covers

Benefits of SFE

Fun and Easy
  • Kids (and adults) LOVE it!
  • Students experience fast success because of the extremely gentle learning curve.
  • The music on the CDs is varied, playful and motivating.
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Inspired by Suzuki principles
The recognized success of the Suzuki approach has proven the power of real music, a listening component, and parental involvement.
Original compositions
Unlike most methods, it consists entirely of original compositions created by an actual string teacher. This allows it to fit the logical sequence of learning, with the right music carefully designed for each new step, eliminating unnecessary difficulties, and thus allowing learning to flow optimally.

These books are by far THE BEST instructional play-along books I have ever used in my 30+ years of teaching.

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