For Suzuki teachers

I started teaching public school string classes after 20 years as a Suzuki teacher. Of course I initially tried using the Suzuki books, but found that, without parents on hand and with the priority of preparing readers for orchestra, the Suzuki books were not ideal.

Meanwhile the popular string class books lacked the advantages I was used to with Suzuki. That’s how I came to create SFE, as a way of bringing Suzuki principles into the school string classroom for my own benefit.

As with Suzuki, students are inspired and empowered by repeated listening to the repertory recordings, and the text supports parental participation. The main difference is the repertoire. So, if you are a Suzuki-oriented teacher with a school assignment you will find this a natural and very effective approach.

Popular for teaching reading

A high percentage of SFE users are Suzuki teachers who use it as a supplement for teaching reading. After all, Suzuki is all about music and listening, and that’s exactly how SFE works, so it can be argued that it is a supplement that is particularly consistent with Suzuki values.

…and more!

Further benefits for Suzuki teachers

  • Numerous pieces at the pre-Twinkle level for beginners to play at recitals
  • Acquainting students with styles outside the classical
  • Allowing violins, violas, cellos and basses to perform together, since their books are all in the same keys
  • Supplementing the presentation of technical issues, such as higher positions, the low 2 / high 2 distinction, fourth finger practice, flat keys, and much more